Tenants Filling Up Offices In Urban Cores, Turning Away From Suburban Campuses

Suburban-urban cores chock full of amenities are proving to be popular among tenants and leasing up quickly along the West Coast.

Meanwhile, suburban offices with expansive campuses are struggling to gain tenants, especially in the Bay Area.

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A Simple Way to Implement New Technology in Old Properties

With tenants typically only occupying office buildings during the day, a case could be made that it’s a waste of space and energy for buildings to sit empty after quitting time while landlords continue paying operating costs 24/7.

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Facebook arrives in San Francisco with city’s largest office lease in three years

Facebook Inc. signed San Francisco’s largest office lease in three years, taking the entire office portion of 181 Fremont in another blockbuster deal in the city.

Facebook said its Instagram photo app division would be the first occupants of the tower.

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