This is everything you imagine it can be.

What do you think life in commercial real estate is like? 

Is it a challenging start, with hours on the phone and email, with some days leaving you feeling like you have nothing to show for it? Yep. That’s real. 

Then do you turn a corner, have a breakthrough, get that one call to turn into something? Absolutely you do. 

Then do you find yourself churning along to the momentum of all your hard work, with a full pipeline and referrals and relationships leading to a regular flow of success? Do you drive past properties you worked on, noticing your fingerprints all over your community? Do you wake up one day and realize you’ve made it? You’re a respected professional in this industry? Yes, you do. 

Commercial real estate isn’t easy. But it’s exceptionally rewarding. And at NAI Northern California, we do everything possible to ensure you reach that reward. That means providing you with constant support and training, surrounding you with senior experts as mentors, giving you the most cutting-edge tools, fostering a collaborative rather than competitive environment, and nurturing a daily culture that makes all that hard work fun. 

When you join NAI Northern California, you become a critical part of a progressive full-service commercial real estate firm serving the Bay Area and beyond. You’ll provide comprehensive brokerage services and advisory services for corporate end users, property owners, developers, investors, and financial institutions. By staying in touch with all aspects of the real estate market, you’ll be able to add value to any transaction within your area of expertise.

Our agents each have their own niche focus, both with respect to geographic area and product type, enabling them to truly be experts in their respective fields. Our affiliation with NAI Global keeps our firm on the leading edge of the industry while allowing us to maintain our local ownership and hometown loyalty. NAI is the largest brokerage network in North America and is rapidly growing to become the largest in the world.

If you have a passion for challenge and achievement, and a desire to make your career with a company that embraces collaboration, then consider what NAI Northern California has to offer.