What can we learn from an old San Francisco building located at 365 Main? NAI Northern California President James Kilpatrick toured the facility with a group of Wharton MBAs to better understand what is now one of the world’s premier data center facilities owned by Digital Realty.

This well-located building sat vacant for almost 50 years until it was rescued. Constructed in 1942 by the Army Corps of Engineers, its purpose was to build the hulls of tanks for World War II. So what do you do with a dilapidated old building intended to withstand bombs? In this case, the hidden assets were brought out and leveraged. The importance of data security and “up time” cannot possibly be overstated. Some of the thickest reinforced concrete construction built with bombs in mind is a major plus. Adding to that, base isolation units outlining the basement foundation that allow up to 15 inches of lateral movement, and many other earthquake-resistant measures such as elevators with tracks hung from above. Then Digital Realty upgraded to 8 generators on the roof, plus 2 extra, just in case. Despite an IT load of 13.6 Megawatts, the facility can run without power for 48 hours. Enormous industrial coolers keep servers from overheating, and a high-tech maze of monitors, alarms, cameras and smart systems guarantee maximum uptime. Add in a location at the base of the Bay Bridge that is at a hub of high-capacity fiber cables and surrounded by booming tech firms, and you have a perfect storm (at a cost of over $130 million in improvements alone).

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