Is Silicon Valley going to change the way we build CRE?

From the end of World War II in the mid-1940s until just a few years ago, there was a surge in productivity throughout the United States economy, giving rise to what has often been called the “productivity miracle.”

Throughout this period, nearly every industry in the US — from retail to manufacturing to agriculture — became not only less expensive, but also much more mechanized and faster, leading to increased efficiency.

One industry, however, failed to come on board with this trend – construction. In fact, productivity in construction has not only not increased, but it is also actually lower today than it was in the late 1960’s.

In other words, the way that most commercial real estate buildings are built hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years or so. The process goes by the name “design – bid – build” – but it isn’t nearly as simple or straightforward as it sounds. First, the developer or owner needs to hire an architect, who drafts a rough design. In order to do this, he or she must bring in various outside consultants, such as structural engineers and landscape architects. Next, the owner puts the design out for bids from various general contractors and then hires one (usually the least expensive bid). From there, the general contractor subcontracts the work out, with the architect and the general contractor working together closely to make sure the project is completed as close as possible to budget and on schedule.

If the system sounds complicated, well, that’s because it is. Having so many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, often leads to misunderstandings, placing blame on others, or worse. The combination of volatile prices for materials and an observed shortage of skilled labor has created an industry that is primed for disruption.



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Shivu Srinivasan of NAI Northern California named a Top 10 NAI Global Top Producer

Bay Area multifamily investment property top producer ranks among NAI Global’s top sales leaders internationally

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 15, 2018 – NAI Global, a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm, recently announced that Shivu Srinivasan, Senior Vice President, NAI Northern California was recognized in its annual recognition program as a top producer for the organization. The award honors individuals who are handling the highest volume of multi-market business within NAI. The awards will be presented at the 2018 NAI Global Convention in Austin, Texas this September.

“This award represents outstanding performance within the organization,” said Jay Olshonsky, President, NAI Global. “We are proud of Shivu Srinivasan’s success, and the dedication and commitment to service excellence he has shown. It underscores the power of NAI Global in building business and showcases the deep local roots and professionalism of our professionals.”

Shivu Srinivasan is a Vice President at NAI Northern California, specializing in multifamily investment properties and portfolios in the East Bay market.

In 2016, just his second year in brokerage, Shivu was ranked as NAI Northern California’s number one producing broker. With a total sales volume of $38 million, he was also ranked by CoStar as third in the East Bay market as well as third in number of total transactions at 14.

In 2017, just his third year in brokerage, Shivu was again ranked as NAI Northern California’s number one producing broker. With a total sales volume of ~$90 million, he was the number one producing non-institutional broker in Alameda County. His marquee sales of the year included an 88 unit transaction in Fremont for $26.5 million,  a 70 unit transaction he listed in Hayward for $13.2 million, and a high profile portfolio sale in Oakland’s Lake Merritt district, which included three buildings for $13 million.

“Shivu came to NAI Northern California a few years ago with a talented sales background and quickly transformed that into a successful commercial real estate sales machine within our organization,” remarks James Kilpatrick, President and Founder.

On Shivu’s contributions to propelling NAI Northern California forward, James remarks, “Within his first full year he was already in our top 10 agents and dialed his way to the Top Caller of the Year Award. Now Shivu heads up a powerhouse team of agents who dominate East Bay multifamily real estate sales.”

About NAI Northern California
NAI Northern California is a full service commercial real estate firm serving the Northern California Bay Area. Our team delivers technology-enabled commercial real estate services that create value for our clients, industry, and communities.

NAI Northern California is a partner of NAI Global, the largest commercial real estate brokerage network with more than 400 offices worldwide and over 7,000 professionals completing in excess of $20 billion in commercial real estate transactions globally.

About NAI Global
NAI Global is a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm. NAI Global offices are leaders in their local markets and work in unison to provide clients with exceptional solutions to their commercial real estate needs. NAI Global has more than 400 offices strategically located throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific, with over 7,000 local market professionals, managing in excess of over 425 million square feet of property.  Annually, NAI Global completes in excess of $20 billion in commercial real estate transactions throughout the world.

NAI Global was acquired in 2012 by C-III Capital Partners, a leading commercial real estate services company engaged in a broad range of activities, including primary and special loan servicing, loan origination, fund management, CDO management, principal investment, online capital markets, title services and multifamily property management. C-III’s principal place of business is located in Irving, TX, with additional offices in New York, NY, Greenville, SC and Nashville, TN.

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These NAI Global Offices Crushed Social Media in 2017

There are NAI Global offices crushing it all over the globe.

Last year, we watched some of our North American members soar on social media. Here are a few NAI offices that made a big splash in 2017.

NAI Offices that Crushed in 2017

If you haven’t done so already, you should be following NAI Global on Twitter. There we share market analysis and research, links to quality industry posts, and NAI Global office spotlights. Keep your eyes peeled – some of the offices are located in some of the secondary cities to watch in 2018.

California – NAI NorCal

The NAI NorCal office happens to represent three of the secondary cities to watch in 2018 including San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco. With nearly a thousand followers and close to 2K tweets, NorCal shares quality content covering their consulting services.

Ohio – NAI Daus

NAI Daus is one of several Ohio member offices crushing it on social media with over 2,600 tweets and more than 1,600 followers.

Arizona – NAI Horizon

Phoenix is one of the 5 markets to watch in 2018 for CRE investors. It is also one of the secondary cities to watch. It’s no surprise that they are burning it up on social media, amassing over 2,300K followers promoting content and information about their local, national, and international real estate services.

Oregon – NAI Elliott

Portland is another secondary city to watch in 2018. NAI Elliott is a full service CRE firm with a healthy network through several ties to local, state, and national CRE organizations.

Nebraska – NAI NP Dodge

In Omaha, NAI NP Dodge is using social media to become a national powerhouse. They have over 3K tweets and more than 1,500 followers giving them one of the highest search rankings on Twitter of all NAI Global member offices.

Texas – NAI Partners

Texas is home to two secondary cities to watch this year – Houston and Austin. NAI Partners is one of the largest CRE companies in the region serving up “fresh” content daily.

Florida – NAI Merin Hunter

NAI Merin Hunter is one of three Florida  affiliates that crushed social media in 2017 and represents Palm Beach County, one of the secondary cities to watch.

Maryland – NAI KLNB

With every tweet, KLNB LLC appears to gain 2.5 followers. Covering the Mid-Atlantic region, including Baltimore (a secondary city to watch) KLNB has over 1,700 followers after posting 732 quality tweets.

California – NAI Capital

NAI California is one of the largest CRE companies in Southern California.  They share great market insight with their over 1,800 followers.

North Carolina – NAI Carolantic

Raleigh/Durham is a secondary city to watch in 2018 and falls under the auspices of NAI Carolantic. They cover Research Triangle Park – an area of high interest for CRE investors and businesses.

New York – NAI Long Island

NAI Long Island is crushing the social media game with over 2,000 tweets to their more than 1,900 followers.  They have steadily grown their following and land high in the search rankings on Twitter.

Florida – NAI Miami

Miami is another secondary city to watch in 2018. NAI Miami is a full service CRE that prides itself on understanding the needs of owners, developers, and users.  Their Twitter feed provides insight to assist owners as well as those seeking property.

Ohio – NAI Ohio Equities

NAI Ohio Equities is another NAI office using strong content to garner higher search rankings on Twitter. Representing central Ohio, Ohio Equities has nearly 1,200 followers and tweets almost daily.

Deleware — NAI Emory Hill

Beyond being one of our NAI offices to be spotlighted this year, Emory Hill is one of the biggest CRE stars on Twitter with over 2K followers and close to 2K tweets.


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NAI Global Ranks #4 in Lipsey’s 2018 Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brand Survey

Lipsey’s Top 25 Brand Survey Annual Commercial Real Estate Rankings 2018 Results are In

With a unique interaction and involvement in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, the Lipsey Company has set the standard for the industry’s hierarchy by publishing its annual Top 25 Brand Survey which is a list of the most recognizable firms.

Lipsey’s Top 25 Brand Survey is celebrating its 17th anniversary in 2018, and has been announced in the Wall Street Journal by National clients.

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NAI Northern California – NAI Office Spotlight 2018

NAI Northern California is pleased to announce our NAI Office Spotlight feature by NAI Global.

The NAI Office Spotlight highlights different offices each month. It is designed to help make NAI professionals and clients aware of each office’s particular strengths and capabilities that can benefit them.

Get to know NAI Northern California!

4 Hot Markets Where Multifamily Looks Great for Investors

The multifamily market is facing a transition time. Transaction volumes have dropped from a record setting 2016 as rent growth is softening and new projects are coming online. Opportunities still present themselves, however, care needs to be taken to ensure the financials of a potential purchase make sense. More than any time since the bubble burst in 2009, choosing the best market for your investment is key.

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5 Quick Tips for CRE Social Media

Social media is one of the most active and engaging forms of marketing in today’s world. Unlike before, retailers aren’t the only companies taking advantage of all that social media has to offer their business. Commercial real estate companies like NAI Global are participating in the conversation on social media and engaging with their clients and consumers online.

Here are five quick tips for CRE social media.

Utilizing a Unique Hashtag

Twitter is driven by hashtags, so for commercial real estate, it is important that you develop your own unique hashtag to use consistently so the flow of information regarding the top runs smoothly. For example, NAI Carolantic uses the popular hashtag #FeaturedProperty to showcase properties they are marketing.

Showcasing Achievements

Showcasing your brokerage and your real estate professionals’ achievements will set you apart from the competition of social media. NAI CIR showcases when brokers earn CRE credentials and when the brokerage takes home various awards. This can help attract clients and differentiate your brokerage from the pack.

Give Company Updates

Your feed doesn’t have to be full of commercial real estate listings and news, you can also use this space as a place to give company updates, such as a new website like NAI Bergman posted about, or on promotions and other employee news. Use this space to help your social listeners gain a better understanding of your brokerage and its professionals.

Share Relevant Industry News

Make sure your social media channels are full of valuable content and not just information about your brokerage and your listings – for a successful social media channel, you’ll need a healthy balance of both. NAI Northern California does an excellent job of sharing commercial real estate articles that highlight big deals, new developments and industry trends that followers will find intriguing.

Make it Visual

There is nothing more monotonous than a social media feed full of text and no imagery. You want you followers to be engaged with your content, so be sure to include photos, videos and other graphics to make your posts eye catching. Ask questions and start a conversation on your feed. NAI Hallmark uses an image with almost every post to make sure that they stay relevant and show stopping amongst the other posts in the feed.

Social media can truly elevate your brokerage’s impact on the industry. As technology and the way we communicate continues to evolve, it’s important to stay active on social media and establish a digital brand that sets you apart from the competition. NAI Global does a great job of posting engaging and valuable content on its social media channels. CRE social media doesn’t have to be just numbers, figures and CRE info – it can be your brokerage’s form of digital branding and can give followers an insight into the brokerage’s personality.


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Amazon’s Big Moves Cause Big Changes

It seems as though Amazon is in the headline of every news story, from their acquisition of Whole Foods to the hunt for their next headquarters location, this company is making big moves that will result in big changes for the commercial real estate industry.

Experts have predicted that Amazon will utilize Whole Foods stores as hubs for grocery pick-up and delivery, resolving the “last mile” issue. The $13.7 million acquisition has the potential to completely change the grocery industry. This deal presents an opportunity for retail real estate investors because it underscores the vital role of brick-and-mortar stores in the future of the retail sector.

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Here’s How CRE Developers are Taking Sustainability into Account

Sustainability in the real estate sector affects a large amount of companies. Sustainability is often referred to in residential real estate, with topics such as rain water harvesting, energy alternatives and recycling surfacing, but commercial real estate value can also be enhanced with sustainability efforts. Here’s how CRE developers are taking sustainability into account.

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Will Smart Sensor Tech Become a Leading Amenity in CRE?

Smart technology and the Internet of Things continue to make waves in the commercial real estate industry. For the multifamily specifically, smart sensor tech will change the way residents live and will enhance their way of life by offering new benefits. For other sectors such as retail, the sensor technology can help determine traffic flow. These are just a few of the reasons smart sensor tech is set to become a leading amenity in CRE.

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