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NAI NorCal Welcomes Investment Analyst Marco McMullen

NAI Northern California is proud to announce that Marco McMullen has joined our team as an investment analyst in the Oakland office. We spoke with him about his experience with NAI NorCal so far:

Why did you choose to join NAI NorCal? What about us attracted you? 

I chose NAI NorCal because they are a reputable company with driven team members that will motivate me to become the best at what I do. They emphasize effective characteristics that help foster success, and everyone is willing to help each other out. 

Why did you get into commercial real estate? 

I got into commercial real estate after joining the Undergraduate Real Estate Club at UC Berkeley, where I was able to immerse myself in this industry. After completing a summer internship in San Francisco, I knew commercial real estate was right for me.

How is it going for you so far? 

So far everything has been great. I get to collaborate with experienced team members who are guiding me on the right path. I am learning a lot very quickly.

What is different than you expected?

It’s a little different than what I expected, but not entirely. I am having a great time. 

Are you on a team? If so, how did you choose/get matched with that particular team?

I am on a team with Ethan Berger, Ben Mandel, and Garrett Blair. I chose this team because Ethan is a great mentor and has brought up a lot of young guys like me who have turned out to be very successful. After speaking with everyone on the team, I believed our personalities matched well, and these guys work hard. 

Anything else you want to talk about?

I would like to thank NAI NorCal, Maureen, James, and Ethan for this amazing opportunity!

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