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NAI NorCal Welcomes Investment Advisor Eileen Perez

NAI Northern California is proud to announce that Eileen Perez has joined our team as an investment advisor in the Oakland office. We spoke with her about her experience with NAI NorCal so far:

Why did you choose to join NAI NorCal? What about us attracted you? 

I chose to join NAI NorCal because of its reputation as a top-producing commercial real estate company. I was attracted to NAI NorCal because of the achievements and recognition this company has received due to their phenomenal ability to buy and sell property. In addition, I was ecstatic to hear that I would be considered part of the company as an asset, and not just treated as a number.

Why did you get into commercial real estate? 

I chose to get into commercial real estate because I figured if I was going to start from the bottom in real estate, I’d rather start from the bottom where I can work with larger and more valuable properties!

How is it going for you so far? 

So far, I would say my experience with NAI NorCal has been great! With the small amount of time I have been on board, I feel I have learned a lot of valuable information, and I believe I will continue to learn the ropes of commercial real estate.

Are you on a team? If so, how did you choose/get matched with that particular team?

I am part of the Kilpatrick Team with President James Kilpatrick and Noel Carillo. During the interviewing process, I spoke to James, and I decided I wanted to specialize in the multifamily asset class. James, as well as the committee, then offered me a spot on the Kilpatrick Team, which I was (and I’m still) super excited about. James assured me that I would be pushed to my full potential, and he’d help me along the way.

Anything else you want to talk about?

Thank you to both James and Maureen for giving me the opportunity to be a part of NAI NorCal!

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