James Kilpatrick Goes to China

Recently our President James Kilpatrick in his involvement with the Wharton School of Business had a chance to meet with a number of high level companies in Beijing and Shanghai.

Among those was Tishman Speyer. Why has Tishman been so successful in China? They require all permanent workers in all countries to speak the local language and bring a culture of discipline and calculated decisions that is unparalleled. China has ominous government regulation and anything less than Tishman’s deep local relationships would not be prudent. How big is the market? Last year Tishman raised $190 Million from investors to build a 1.23 Million square foot development Million + foot developments are quite common as an increasing portion of their $1.35+ Billion people are in major metropolitan areas.
There was time for a little R & R as well. The Great Wall was among the attractions and has a less celebrated but worthwhile attraction. A Toboggan ride down. James was not dissuaded by workers telling him to use his brake to slow down, due to the fact that he was going too fast to care.