Former NAI Intern: Where is he now?

In January 2014, former NAI Northern California Intern Jonathan Jaw will be transferring to HVS Capital Corp, the investment banking arm of HVS, from Shanghai HVS’s consulting and valuation team.

“[My 2009] internship at NAI was a fantastic way to get a big-picture view of the commercial real estate world. I learned a lot, and it really helped me figure out my ideal role and the path to get there. I really appreciate having worked with James Kilpatrick and the rest of the company.”

Interns at NAI Northern California’s San Francisco and Oakland offices are given the opportunity to learn more about brokerage, development, and investment, gaining valuable hands-on experience in a fast-paced real estate brokerage firm. Upon graduation, full-time employment may be available.

NAI is on the leading technological edge of the industry and has numerous competitive advantages, including local and national relationships. We pride ourselves on our track record, culture, and growth. We deliver the best and expect the most of our talented and motivated professionals and staff. Our superior technology, global platform, and local and national relationships add to our competitive advantage.


Interested in following in Jonathan’s footsteps? Please click here to view a full description of our internship program, or visit the Careers section of our website.