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Bay Area Women Leading Real Estate | NAI NorCal’s EVP & Principal Mary Alam Honored at Bisnow’s Event

Hundreds of the Bay Area’s top real estate professionals gathered to discuss the importance of representation of women in the industry and how to support them. Some attendees were honored at the event including NAI NorCal’s EVP & Principal, Mary Alam.

On November 17th, hundreds gathered in San Francisco at Levi Plaza to discuss and honor Bay Area women in real estate hosted by Bisnow. Through a women-led panel of industry experts, the group discussed the importance of women in real estate and how individuals and companies can support and encourage growth. 

Bisnow also awarded 51 women, including NAI Norcal’s Executive Vice President & Principal, Mary Alam, in various categories regarding real estate such as construction & engineering, non-profit, finance, and more. Mary, a top producer and seasoned broker at NAI Norcal, was recognized for her brokerage, client services, advisory, and consulting in the Bay Area.  

When asked about her award, Mary states “It was an honor to be selected among a highly successful group of influential women leading Bay Area real estate. They are a living testament to women’s ability to excel in commercial real estate or any field they choose. For the new generations of women thinking of entering the field, my advice is to not be intimidated or easily discouraged but to push through with an unwavering belief in their ability to succeed.” 

On the discussion of how to support and encourage women in real estate, speaker Meg Spriggs of Lendlease noted, “It starts with data…if we know where we stand in terms of our gender distribution, we’re able to create a path for improving.” NAI Global recognized this significance earlier this year,  as the President & CEO Jay Olshonsky joined the CREW Network’s pledge for action to advance women and DEI in commercial real estate. To help combat the disparity CREW reported, Olshonksy implemented six goals for increasing diversity within the company. 

Additionally, the panel encouraged attendees to seek those leadership positions that are able to hire or mentor other women in the field. “If you see it, you can be it” panelist Laura Hall of EAH Housing adds recounting her various experiences working in women-led companies. “It makes a big difference when we have women in leadership roles for the [women] coming up in the ranks.” We reached out to Maureen Dunbar, NAI NorCal’s COO, on her thoughts about this subject.

“I am honored in my 37 years in the Real Estate Industry to work with colleagues and mentors who have helped shape and pave the way for women to be successful in the industry. The relationships I have built with other women in this industry are priceless. We support, encourage, and empower each other to be the best that we can be. They are the ones who bring passion to the Real Estate industry. I continue to be inspired and surround myself with courageous and successful women who are trailblazers, paving the way for the next generation to continue the vision for women in real estate. They support, nurture and build upon relationships for a stronger, brighter future. I am honored to be a part of and want to thank one of the most influential women agents in the CRE realm, Mary Alam. You are a true contender, who sets the stage for success, balance, and achievement. Congratulations to NAI NorCal’s own Mary Alam, and to all of the recipients of the Bay Area’s Annual Women Leading Real Estate Awards – You are truly amazing!”

For more information about NAI Norcal’s Executive Vice President & Principal, Mary Alam click here.

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