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Transit-Oriented Housing Development Continues in the Bay Area

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) continues to develop housing close to transit stations, a trend that has been seen across the United States. 

The strategy in building transit-oriented housing responds to a pattern noted by the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution: most U.S. metropolitan jobs are near transit stations, but only 27% of employees live in areas with transit service. Similar initiatives are underway in other regions, such as Miami and Washington State.

BART proposed one of its largest projects yet, transforming a surface parking lot at the North Berkeley Station into 739 apartment rentals, spanning over 5.5 acres. Thus far, BART has successfully developed 1,250 units in collaboration with local authorities and housing developers. The most recent proposal will comprise 13 buildings at 770,000 square feet with half of the units dedicated to low-income housing.

At the North Berkeley and Ashby BART Stations the construction of 3,600 units was approved by the City of Berkley in 2022. This decision was influenced by the need to fulfill the city’s transit-centered development strategy, as well as to meet the target set by the state of California to address housing shortages. Currently, Berkeley must significantly accelerate its construction rate to meet these housing objectives on time.

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Source: CoStar

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