These NAI Global Offices Crushed Social Media in 2017

There are NAI Global offices crushing it all over the globe.

Last year, we watched some of our North American members soar on social media. Here are a few NAI offices that made a big splash in 2017.

NAI Offices that Crushed in 2017

If you haven’t done so already, you should be following NAI Global on Twitter. There we share market analysis and research, links to quality industry posts, and NAI Global office spotlights. Keep your eyes peeled – some of the offices are located in some of the secondary cities to watch in 2018.

California – NAI NorCal

The NAI NorCal office happens to represent three of the secondary cities to watch in 2018 including San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco. With nearly a thousand followers and close to 2K tweets, NorCal shares quality content covering their consulting services.

Ohio – NAI Daus

NAI Daus is one of several Ohio member offices crushing it on social media with over 2,600 tweets and more than 1,600 followers.

Arizona – NAI Horizon

Phoenix is one of the 5 markets to watch in 2018 for CRE investors. It is also one of the secondary cities to watch. It’s no surprise that they are burning it up on social media, amassing over 2,300K followers promoting content and information about their local, national, and international real estate services.

Oregon – NAI Elliott

Portland is another secondary city to watch in 2018. NAI Elliott is a full service CRE firm with a healthy network through several ties to local, state, and national CRE organizations.

Nebraska – NAI NP Dodge

In Omaha, NAI NP Dodge is using social media to become a national powerhouse. They have over 3K tweets and more than 1,500 followers giving them one of the highest search rankings on Twitter of all NAI Global member offices.

Texas – NAI Partners

Texas is home to two secondary cities to watch this year – Houston and Austin. NAI Partners is one of the largest CRE companies in the region serving up “fresh” content daily.

Florida – NAI Merin Hunter

NAI Merin Hunter is one of three Florida  affiliates that crushed social media in 2017 and represents Palm Beach County, one of the secondary cities to watch.

Maryland – NAI KLNB

With every tweet, KLNB LLC appears to gain 2.5 followers. Covering the Mid-Atlantic region, including Baltimore (a secondary city to watch) KLNB has over 1,700 followers after posting 732 quality tweets.

California – NAI Capital

NAI California is one of the largest CRE companies in Southern California.  They share great market insight with their over 1,800 followers.

North Carolina – NAI Carolantic

Raleigh/Durham is a secondary city to watch in 2018 and falls under the auspices of NAI Carolantic. They cover Research Triangle Park – an area of high interest for CRE investors and businesses.

New York – NAI Long Island

NAI Long Island is crushing the social media game with over 2,000 tweets to their more than 1,900 followers.  They have steadily grown their following and land high in the search rankings on Twitter.

Florida – NAI Miami

Miami is another secondary city to watch in 2018. NAI Miami is a full service CRE that prides itself on understanding the needs of owners, developers, and users.  Their Twitter feed provides insight to assist owners as well as those seeking property.

Ohio – NAI Ohio Equities

NAI Ohio Equities is another NAI office using strong content to garner higher search rankings on Twitter. Representing central Ohio, Ohio Equities has nearly 1,200 followers and tweets almost daily.

Deleware — NAI Emory Hill

Beyond being one of our NAI offices to be spotlighted this year, Emory Hill is one of the biggest CRE stars on Twitter with over 2K followers and close to 2K tweets.


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