The city wants to know what you think it should do with Civic Center

Survey about beautiful but troubled public space runs through March 16

San Francisco’s Civic Center has, at best, always felt like a work in progress. But these days City Hall is finally in mind of cleaning up its own front yard with the creation of a Civic Center Public Realm Plan that will hopefully turn the area around Grove and Larkin into a more human-friendly space.

The city describes the upcoming plan “a unified vision for medium and long-term improvements to Civic Center’s plazas, streets, and other public spaces.” But what should those improvements actually be? That’s where the rest of us come in.

In an online survey running through March 16, the city wants to know what the average San Franciscan thinks should be done. It’s a simple quiz that takes less than ten minutes and yields some small insight about what the Civic Center of the future may look like.

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