Graduating from garage start-up to unicorn?

According to Crunchbase, there are more than 8,000 tech start-ups in the Bay Area. The vast majority of them are working out of living rooms, garages, coffee shops, or co-working spaces. Ultimately, they’ll need a more permanent environment. 
And that’s just start-ups, just tech. That doesn’t count the myriad businesses and non-profits working in other sectors or any longstanding companies that may be growing or contracting and need to move. 
There’s no shortage of demand for office space in Northern California. But that doesn’t mean lookers aren’t selective.
Around here more companies are taking a holistic approach that considers their workplace as one of many pieces that contribute to the greater productivity and quality of life of their people. Proximity to customers, partners, competitors, or supportive services may be critical. What’s the commute like to that office? How fast is the Internet infrastructure? Is there a good bar nearby for happy hour?!? 
Dozens of factors will determine if an office is right for a company. The opposite is also true. Just over 50% of businesses will fail within four years of founding, and 70% will fail, be acquired, or otherwise dissolve within 10 years. A realistic assessment of a company is critical when representing a buyer, and even more so when considering a leasing contract. It’s never about just filling the space. It’s about obtaining and retaining long-term, successful tenants. 
Our investment advisors specializing in office properties and spaces have to be more than just real estate brokers. In a way, they play the role of venture capitalist. And they’re good at it. In the past 20 years they’ve had a front row seat to a complete societal shift. When it comes to assessing a company’s culture, needs and future, and matching that with a viable workspace, they absolutely know how.