Manufacturing a winning portfolio.

We love working with industrial properties here, because they epitomize everything our community is about. In Northern California, we are explorers, adventurers, discoverers, innovators, and inventors. We’re tinkerers, creators, artists, and builders. We are makers
If you’re looking to buy, sell, or lease an industrial space, don’t make a single assumption until you speak with one of our investment advisors. That’s because so many Bay Area municipalities put a unique premium on industrial spaces that aren’t always evident. 
Cities want these spaces because they provide critical jobs and services that too often are left behind in such a tech-heavy region. Not everyone will be a software engineer, and communities need manufacturers, fabricators, repair experts, painters, cleaners, and recyclers. With shift in retail, there’s a booming need for logistics, distribution, and fulfillment centers. 
These provide the kind of entry- and mid-level jobs, as well as basic day-to-day services, that are necessary for a complete community. Because of this, many Bay Area cities actually incentivize industrial spaces. There might be tax breaks, permitting alleviations, transit allowances, or similar benefits aimed at attracting or retaining industrial offerings. 
Our investment advisors have been facilitating industrial opportunities for a generation, and they know how to manufacture your successful outcome.