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Artificial Intelligence: Could it Design Your Next Office Building?

Architects who specialize in commercial buildings are often praised for their creative designs. Architecture firm Hickok Cole is testing the use of artificial intelligence to determine if it can perform the same job at the same level of creativity, or even better. 

With the use of ChatGPT and Midjourney, architect John Lynch created a design for a 24-story mixed-use building. Lynch told CoStar News he wrote specific instructions for the building design in ChatGPT which then created the end outcome by crowdsourcing the internet for data. One issue that stems from this is plagiarism and invasion of privacy, as the program gathers material from others on the web. In spite of Lynch’s satisfaction with the final design, he had difficulty using the platforms as they were misinterpreting directions which led to a lot of trial and error. Some of these mistakes had to be manually corrected to achieve the design Lynch was looking for.

Despite some challenges, AI is quickly growing in the architecture field. Tech companies like Adobe Firefly and Autodesk Forma have already implemented AI features in their software. Other firms have also already started using AI for specific projects, meanwhile, Hickok Cole is only testing the use of the platforms. Outside of architecture firms, real estate professionals have been utilizing AI for other tasks such as copywriting for emails and checking grammar.

Although Artificial Intelligence has the potential to create effective designs, Lynch believes it will not replace human architects entirely, but assist the process of generating designs for offices and other commercial buildings.

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