5 Quick Tips for CRE Social Media

Social media is one of the most active and engaging forms of marketing in today’s world. Unlike before, retailers aren’t the only companies taking advantage of all that social media has to offer their business. Commercial real estate companies like NAI Global are participating in the conversation on social media and engaging with their clients and consumers online.

Here are five quick tips for CRE social media.

Utilizing a Unique Hashtag

Twitter is driven by hashtags, so for commercial real estate, it is important that you develop your own unique hashtag to use consistently so the flow of information regarding the top runs smoothly. For example, NAI Carolantic uses the popular hashtag #FeaturedProperty to showcase properties they are marketing.

Showcasing Achievements

Showcasing your brokerage and your real estate professionals’ achievements will set you apart from the competition of social media. NAI CIR showcases when brokers earn CRE credentials and when the brokerage takes home various awards. This can help attract clients and differentiate your brokerage from the pack.

Give Company Updates

Your feed doesn’t have to be full of commercial real estate listings and news, you can also use this space as a place to give company updates, such as a new website like NAI Bergman posted about, or on promotions and other employee news. Use this space to help your social listeners gain a better understanding of your brokerage and its professionals.

Share Relevant Industry News

Make sure your social media channels are full of valuable content and not just information about your brokerage and your listings – for a successful social media channel, you’ll need a healthy balance of both. NAI Northern California does an excellent job of sharing commercial real estate articles that highlight big deals, new developments and industry trends that followers will find intriguing.

Make it Visual

There is nothing more monotonous than a social media feed full of text and no imagery. You want you followers to be engaged with your content, so be sure to include photos, videos and other graphics to make your posts eye catching. Ask questions and start a conversation on your feed. NAI Hallmark uses an image with almost every post to make sure that they stay relevant and show stopping amongst the other posts in the feed.

Social media can truly elevate your brokerage’s impact on the industry. As technology and the way we communicate continues to evolve, it’s important to stay active on social media and establish a digital brand that sets you apart from the competition. NAI Global does a great job of posting engaging and valuable content on its social media channels. CRE social media doesn’t have to be just numbers, figures and CRE info – it can be your brokerage’s form of digital branding and can give followers an insight into the brokerage’s personality.


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