A Simple Way to Implement New Technology in Old Properties

With tenants typically only occupying office buildings during the day, a case could be made that it’s a waste of space and energy for buildings to sit empty after quitting time while landlords continue paying operating costs 24/7.

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Huge Waterfront Project On Illinois Street Reportedly Moving Forward

A “majority residential” development project is reportedly set to proceed on San Francisco’s Central Waterfront by Potrero Hill/Dogpatch, converting an estimated 5 million square feet into space for housing, office, hotel, retail, and research and development.

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Facebook arrives in San Francisco with city’s largest office lease in three years

Facebook Inc. signed San Francisco’s largest office lease in three years, taking the entire office portion of 181 Fremont in another blockbuster deal in the city.

Facebook said its Instagram photo app division would be the first occupants of the tower.

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5 Health and Wealth Hacks You Can Start Today

Almost everyone wants to be healthier and more financially secure. Much of the advice you see is either unsupported or difficult to implement. Here are 5 areas confirmed by virtually all research to be positive, beneficial additions to your life that you can easily embrace right now. It’s worth noting that health always improves your base from which you can work towards financial success and the reverse isn’t often true.

  1. Start your day at 5:30 am. The statistics are undeniable. This is the right decision. Furthermore, no research supports the common “I’m a night person” statement. Unfortunately, saying “get up early” is as effective as saying, “get a job”. So here’s how to actually do it.
  • Step 1: Figure out your personal motivating factors
  • Step 2: Visualize value you’ll receive like success & health
  • Step 3: Visualize the negatives of late rising like grogginess, running late, wasteful mornings and missed opportunities
  • Step 4: Tell friends and family, share this article, and tell them you are committed to this change. This will help your guilt factor. You could also commit to Soul Cycle or another cultish early morning group class.
  • Step 5: Practice now (or next time you’re home) by getting in bed with your alarm set for 3 minutes later. Gently but immediately get out of bed. Do this 5-10 times. Seriously. Don’t skip this last step.

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Jeff Gates Named NAI Northern California Top Producer 2013

NAI Northern California is pleased announce that Vice President Jeff Gates was our Top Producer in 2013. Since joining NAI in March 2013 as a nationwide Net Leased investments specialist, he has closed thirteen transactions for a total consideration of nearly $27,600,000.


As for 2014, Jeff is already off to a great start. His newest listing is an Outback Steakhouse in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This property is priced at $1,905,000 with a CAP rate of 6.75% and 11.5-year lease term.

Recent transactions include a Buca di Beppo restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota for $4,880,000, Springhill shopping center in Vallejo, CA for $3,400,000, and Citibank in Citrus Heights, CA for $3,000,000.